The MBA classroom serves several purposes. It is both a learning environment and a laboratory for creating and sharing knowledge. To fulfill the mission of educating outstanding business leaders, it is imperative to maintain a classroom that fosters open exchange of information and ideas, encourages risk-taking, and allows every individual in the room to reach his or her potential.

HBS requires that students and faculty meet all requirements for establishment of a consistently professional and supportive classroom environment, including:

  • On-time arrival and attendance for the duration of each class.
  • Appropriate comments and humor.
  • Maintaining a professional atmosphere and decor.
  • Refraining from distracting and disruptive activities.
  • Professional conduct in welcoming guests.

Upholding these expectations and the standards upon which they are based is a shared responsibility. Each student should understand what constitutes unacceptable classroom behavior. Each member of the teaching faculty should set clear expectations in the classroom, help identify unacceptable behaviors, and take timely action to address such behaviors. Staff members who participate in classroom activities are equally responsible for understanding and acting to uphold these standards. If specific behaviors in the classroom become significantly disruptive and distracting, they will be addressed as infractions of the HBS Community Values.

External Participants: Babies and children are not permitted in the HBS classroom. Adults are allowed to attend classes as guests of students and may attend in person or via Zoom. All class guests must be approved by the faculty in advance of the class session.

Classroom Decorations: Various announcements of interest to students may be posted on the bulletin boards – not on the walls – in classrooms. Because our classrooms are used by visitors such as recruiters and alumni, professional décor should be maintained.