FIELD Global Immersion (FGI) is a semester-long course offered in the Required Curriculum (RC) Year that requires students to build on what they’ve learned so far and apply it to real-world business problems. Students are paired with a Global Partner (GP) company with a product or service challenge for students to address. The course culminates in a one-week Immersion at the company’s location during which students meet with their GP and local consumers. The following course policies pertain to both the on-campus sessions and the off-campus Immersion components of the FIELD Global Immersion.

Academic Policy

As with any required academic course, students are expected to adhere to all HBS Academic Policies for the duration of the course. Students will also be asked to sign a Team Agreement with their assigned Global Partner organization. The agreement is designed to facilitate the educational objectives of the course, by giving the Global Partner reasonable assurances (about confidentiality, for example) that will encourage its full and open engagement with the student team, while also protecting the student team’s interests.

Circumstances Limiting Travel

This program is designed for HBS students only. There may be personal, health, or other circumstances that limit a student’s ability to travel, and for those students, the Boston Global Section has been established to allow for successful completion of the FIELD Global Immersion course requirements.

Attendance Policy

On-Campus/Boston Sessions

The Attendance Policy applies for the duration of the on-campus/Boston sessions of the FIELD Global Immersion course, and students are required to participate fully in all scheduled course activities. Attendance will be taken, and students are required to report all of their absences in advance of class into the Student Absence Notification Tool. Due to the interactive format of the course, remote participation is not possible for most FIELD Global Immersion sessions. It is important to note that FIELD Global Immersion class days are not eligible for excused recruiting absences, and all recruiting absences on these days will be unexcused. Unexcused absences during the course will be reviewed for grading implications and/or other disciplinary action. For outstanding questions regarding absences for on-campus sessions, please contact the Student & Academic Services Academics team (  


While on location, students are required to participate fully in all scheduled immersion activities (in both the designated mode and content). Remote participation, including while on location, is not possible. Late arrivals and early departures from the Immersion are considered unexcused absences and are in violation of the Attendance Policy. Before the Immersion begins, if a student anticipates needing to arrive late, leave early, or otherwise identifies a conflict that would cause them to be absent from any portion of the on-location Immersion, they should contact as soon as possible to discuss their situation. In some cases, a petition to the Chair, MBA Required Curriculum may be required. During the Immersion, students should contact their Program Manager directly and not use the Student Absence Notification Tool to report that they will need to be absent from a session.


Due to the condensed format and teamwork required in FIELD Global Immersion, unexcused absences from the on-campus course sessions or Immersion programming may significantly impact a student’s grade. Additionally, as absences significantly impact the ability of the team to function effectively, they may also be reflected in peer feedback which is an important component of the course grade.

Community Values and Standards

All HBS policies, including but not limited to the HBS Community Values and MBA Honor Code, apply during the Field Global Immersion course, both on campus and on location. Students are also expected to abide by the following:


Students are expected to arrive punctually and participate in person until the end of all scheduled events.

Dress Code

Students are responsible for packing attire that is appropriate for the weather and respectful of cultural norms in the FIELD Global Immersion location. Students are responsible for confirming dress codes directly with their Global Partner in advance of meetings. GEO will provide a detailed itinerary for the Immersion, which will include dress code recommendations for other scheduled group activities (e.g., site visits, cultural activities).

External Participants

Friends, family (including partners and children), and/or colleagues who may be visiting or residing in the FIELD Global Immersion city may not participate in course activities (e.g., Global Section sessions, field work, cultural activities, meals, etc.) nor may they stay in GEO-provided accommodations, whether a student has been assigned a single room or has requested a single supplement.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

The HBS Drug & Alcohol Policy states expectations for responsible alcohol use and applies during the Field Global Immersion course. Students are expected to behave responsibly regardless of proximity to the HBS campus or classroom. As ambassadors of HBS, students should also consider both local laws and cultural norms when determining what constitutes responsible alcohol use in the FIELD Global Immersion city.

Photography/Videography Policy

During FIELD Global Immersion students, faculty, and Program Managers often take pictures or recordings featuring elements of the Immersion and submit images to the Global Experience Office. Unless a student clearly specifies to the photographer/videographer that they do not want their name, voice, and/or likeness used, they will be deemed to have granted permission to the MBA Program to repurpose content in internal and external publications related to FIELD Global Immersion.

Disability Support & Accommodation

Accessibility standards vary worldwide, and advance planning is beneficial in promoting a positive experience, as well as safe and effective participation during the Immersion. It is important that a student be forthcoming with the Global Experience Office about specific needs or limitations and seek guidance in selecting an experiential location aligned with the personal challenges they may face while traveling. A student with concerns about their ability to travel, or the Global Experience Office’s ability to accommodate their needs while in-country, should contact the Global Experience Office ( Depending on the personal situation, the student may also want to consult with a health care provider. Topics for consideration include, but are not limited to, personal health (disability, mental health, physical limitations) and family health (care of a spouse/dependent, family member illness). Note that even with advance planning, a student should anticipate and be prepared to address unforeseen accessibility conditions throughout the Immersion. To this end, on a case-by-case basis, the Global Experience Office reserves the right to modify the course or deny a student’s choice of location(s) for coursework participation, whichever is the least-restrictive reasonable alternative.

Health & Safety (International FGI locations only)

Students will be automatically enrolled in International SOS once their travel has been registered in MyTrips, Harvard University’s travel registry. International SOS offers general medical and safety travel advice. It can also provide emergency medical assistance and evacuation services if warranted as well as lost document assistance. This service is a supplement to, not a substitute for, health insurance. Therefore, a student may incur personal charges in the event a third party is engaged for medical assistance services via International SOS. Students are responsible for confirming the details of their personal international health insurance coverage, which includes verifying the details of benefits, the claims submission process, and potential out-of-pocket costs while traveling.

Global Experience Office Travel Policies

Travel Dates

Detailed arrival and departure information will be shared when the course begins. All students must arrive and be ready to participate in the first mandatory session.


The Global Experience Office covers the cost of a round-trip, economy class ticket between Boston and the student's FIELD Global Immersion city, which the student will book independently through a portal developed specifically for FIELD Global Immersion by the flights provider. The amount is intended to cover the cost of a round trip ticket (Boston to and from the Immersion city, aligned with program dates), taxes and booking fees. A student does not have to return to Boston. However, including a personal travel segment may exceed the stipend and the overage amount will be charged to the student's term bill at a later date. GEO cannot reimburse for travel or related costs (luggage, seat selection, etc.) booked outside the flights portal. Students must research and obtain (at their cost) any required transit visas based on their selected flight routing.

Visa Considerations

Some countries require travelers of specific nationalities to appear in person at a consulate, embassy, or third-party visa services company (e.g., VFS Global) to process their visa application, rather than submit the application by mail or online for an eVisa. This process varies significantly depending on the passport holder and Immersion location, and therefore the ability for the Global Experience Office and its contracted visa provider to operationally support and provide insight for individual students is limited. The personal appearance requirement (PAR) may involve weekday travel to the visa processing facility for a face-to-face interview, biometrics screening, or in-person application. If a student chooses to consider a location with this requirement and is placed there for the Immersion: GEO will reimburse the cost of the visa application itself but the student will be fully responsible for all other related costs; HBS will provide standard supporting documents, but cannot intervene on the student’s behalf should they encounter issues obtaining their visa; if the student misses class due to the visa application process, it will be an unexcused absence; and the student is responsible for researching all visa-related requirements pertaining to their particular circumstance(s). If a student’s visa application is denied or is not issued in time for travel, the student will be re-assigned to the Boston Global Section.

Airport Transfers

GEO will arrange arrival airport transfers from the primary FIELD Global Immersion airports to the FIELD Global Immersion hotels. Information on transfers will be shared at the pre-departure session weeks in advance of the FIELD Global Immersion travel. If a student chooses not to take the GEO-provided transfers, they will be responsible for booking and paying for their own transportation between the airport and the hotel.  

Insurance (Health)

Students are responsible for confirming the details of their personal health insurance coverage, which includes verifying the details of benefits, the claims submission process, and potential out-of-pocket costs while traveling.

Insurance (Travel)

Purchasing travel insurance is encouraged, as GEO is not able to assist in the event of flight delays or cancellations due to extreme weather or other extenuating circumstances. Students are responsible for all costs associated with flight changes or rebooking and must make a reasonable effort to arrive on time to the Immersion. Reimbursement for lost or damaged luggage/personal items will not be covered as part of a student's ticket. The Global Experience Office provides more information on travel insurance recommendations on myHBS.


Students are required to stay in the GEO-provided accommodations with the rest of their Global Section for the duration of the Immersion. Family (including partners and children) and friends may not stay with students even if the student is occupying a single room.

Travel During the Immersion

Free time will be very limited during the Immersion, and personal travel that involves leaving the country, a flight, or staying overnight in alternate accommodations is not permitted. Where safety is of heightened concern, students will be asked not to leave the Immersion city.

Phone Policy

Students participating in FIELD Global Immersion must activate a global plan (voice, data and text) with their mobile carrier for their personal devices and confirm that their phone number in MBA Classcards is accurate. GEO requires reliable contact information before students travel to ensure continuity of communications. In the event of an emergency, the school will communicate via voice, text and email. GEO will not reimburse students for this cost. Students with concerns should reach out to the Global Experience Office (

Financial Responsibility

The cost of flights, arrival airport transfers, visas, double-occupancy hotel rooms, and some meals are covered by GEO during the Immersion. Students should expect to pay out-of-pocket for most meals, a single-occupancy room (if preferred), an international mobile voice/data/text plan, and incidentals throughout the Immersion. The MBA Program Cost of Attendance includes the dates of the Immersion in the "Living Expenses" line-item calculation.