HBS has specific rules that govern the ways in which students may share their knowledge and work products and materials with other students and audiences outside of HBS. The following policies outline these rules and provide students with information on how faculty may use their work.

Publication or Sale of Course Work

Both during and after their time at HBS, students are not permitted to sell or publish case analyses and classroom notes. However, with prior approval from the Division of Research and Faculty Development and the related faculty sponsor, students may publish other course-related reports or papers prepared while at HBS. Prior to publishing reports or papers involving fieldwork at a company site, students must obtain an authorized release of company information and follow HBS policies to protect the intellectual property rights of others. For more information, students should contact the Division of Research and Faculty Development (drfd@hbs.edu).

Guidelines for Properly Using HBS Course Materials

To protect authors’ rights, copyright interests, and the confidentiality of certain information, students must obtain advance clearance from HBS Publishing to make course materials available to individuals or organizations. This rule applies to both printed and electronic course materials. Reproducing copyrighted materials without express permission violates copyright law.

Faculty Guidelines for Properly Using Student Work for Teaching

Immediately following exams, faculty in some courses will place unattributed “sample answers” on reserve in Baker Library for a brief period for student reference and review. Students may request not to have their exams used in this way by contacting faculty members before or immediately after the exam.

On occasion, a faculty member may wish to have HBS publish a student report or paper for use in one of the school’s regular teaching programs. The faculty member must first receive permission from the student and consult with the Division of Research and Faculty Development before using this material.