Dear Student,

Welcome! At Harvard Business School, we bring together an inclusive community of serious, collaborative learners in dynamic, immersive educational environments fueled by rigorous research and global perspectives to inspire true change and drive lasting impact. And, we are thrilled to have you joining us.

Here, you are going to learn from and with a diverse cohort of talented peers. You’re going to be challenged to engage—and to change the way you think about issues. We know it takes a lot of hard work to be ready and willing to make mistakes, to entertain a new perspective, and to accept new data. We know it takes humility to listen rather than speak, to be able to change your mind, to change your course of action. We know it takes empathy and courage to stand up and make decisions that will positively impact humanity—whether that’s your team, your organization, your community, or society as a whole. But that’s what learning and leadership is all about. And two years of intense academic focus in here will make a world of difference out there, and throughout your life.

Today more than ever, business will play a significant role in addressing many of society’s most pressing challenges. The world needs a new type of leader, one who is prepared to tackle tough problems head on; to bring new energy and innovative ideas to age-old debates; to live lives and build organizations with sound ethics and strong moral compasses; and to help shape the future of business while improving the society in which we live.

We know you’ll be a different person when you emerge from your two years here: someone who can think on their feet, approach uncertainty with confidence, and make decisions in incredibly tough, high-stakes situations. We know you’ll be a leader who can make a difference in the world.


Matthew C. Weinzierl
Joseph and Jacqueline Elbling Professor of Business Administration
Senior Associate Dean, Chair, MBA Program

Jana P. Kierstead
Executive Director, MBA and Doctoral Programs