In 1908, the world’s first MBA program was created when the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration was established. By enrolling at Harvard Business School, a student joins this illustrious history in management education. And with this history comes a responsibility to the entire HBS community – fellow students, faculty, staff and alumni – to uphold the collective aspiration to be a model of leadership, honor, and integrity, and to uphold an unwavering commitment to truth and excellence.

The MBA Program at Harvard Business School educates leaders through a process of active participation and shared learning. Its goal is to create an environment in which students learn how to tackle difficult, complex problems by probing issues, expressing and challenging ideas, and integrating information from a range of perspectives. Through this process, students work together to build an understanding far deeper than they could ever achieve individually. Students learn to exercise sound judgment, make thoughtful decisions, and take responsibility for their actions—vital skills that they (and those around them) will rely on at HBS and throughout their careers. A student will graduate from HBS not only with increased knowledge but more importantly, with grounding and practice in how to make difficult decisions and what it means to assume leadership in a global environment.