A shared investment in your potential.

Business school is an important investment in your future. HBS proudly shares in that investment by offering eligible students a range of need-based financial assistance programs. These programs help increase access and opportunity, ensure diverse perspectives in our classrooms, and allow flexibility in career exploration—so that you can reach your full potential at HBS and beyond.

Need-based Fellowships
of HBS students are eligible for need-based fellowships
Leadership Fellows
Leadership fellows with 85organizations since 2001
Summer Fellowships
2018 Summer Fellows around the globe
Supporting Career Paths
of students change their career path based on their MBA degree
Summer Fellowships
MBA students have participated in Summer Fellowships since 1982
HBS Fellowships
HBS Fellowships are entirely need based, with the majority of fellowships in the $30–$70k range
Fellowship Funding
Need-based fellowships funded annually
Fellowship Awards
Average one-year fellowship award
Fellowship Budget
2018 need-based fellowship budget