First Year


Career Visioning

You’ll spend your first few weeks taking self-assessments and reflecting on the passions, values and goals that drive your life and work. We work with recruiters to give students the first few weeks on campus contact-free, so they can take the time for this self-assessment.

Meet with a Career Coach

As a student, you’ll choose from more than 50 career coaches who will work with you directly from your initial self-assessment through the job search and beyond.

Industry Education

Curious about an industry and want to explore further before applying to internships? We offer more than 150 programs throughout the year, including industry education events and opportunities to learn about the hundreds of companies that come to campus. We also offer programs around making connections with companies and networking into different industries.




Summer Internship

A two-year MBA program provides the unique opportunity to pursue a summer internship or your own venture. Whether exploring a new industry, function or location, or furthering your pre-HBS industry experience, CPD has individualized resources and company connections to help you in your summer opportunity search. We also offer programs and resources around the interviewing process.


Second Year


Focused Job Search

In your second year, you’ll work closely with your career coach to continue to adjust based on your summer experience. Whether it means readjusting your job search or revisiting your self-assessments post-internship, your coach will guide you through your search. No matter what your path looks like, you’ll have access to on-campus interviews, networking events and negotiation resources to help you toward your next step.


After HBS


The Alumni Experience

Your support from CPD won’t end upon graduation. You’ll enjoy lifelong access to programming and events geared specifically toward alumni, as well access to our Career Coaching program, host of webinars and other alumni-specific professional development resources.
“I want to be able to look back and know that I spent my time on something I really cared about.”

Maria Brewer
MBA 2013