Start with self-assessment

The search for the "right career" begins with a search of one's self: who you are, what you want, where you would like to go. Before you arrive on campus, we ask you to complete CareerLeader®, an online self-assessment tool developed by a member of the HBS faculty. Based on over 50 collective years of scientific research and career development experience, CareerLeader® is used by more than 750 businesses and universities around the world to help people find career success and satisfaction. Through this process, you can evaluate your deepest life interests, your business skills, and your own work/reward values.

Before the formal recruiting process begins, during the first few weeks on campus, you will participate in a class in which you interpret the results and discuss brief career cases involving HBS alumni. Pursuing this meaningful career self-assessment and exploration enables you to have a more focused approach to your internship and fulltime pursuits. 

“entering an environment where a reflective nature is encouraged helped me understand myself more. I was able to craft a career path that will yield the greatest personal satisfaction.”

— robert leke, mba 2012


Create your personal plan

As you learn more about opportunities for summer internships and other career-related experiences, you'll find that there are many ways to pursue your options. You may choose to participate in on-campus recruiting, when many companies visit the HBS campus to interview for summer and full-time positions. You may also choose a self-directed job search in which you pursue opportunities outside of the typical recruiting cycle. Or you may choose to start your own business and forgo recruiting altogether. Whatever you decide, Career & Professional Development has the resources to assist you with your job search.