HBS MBA Program MBA News and Announcements en-us http://www.hbs.edu/mba/ <![CDATA[Round 2 Interview Invitations]]> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 17:00:00 EST

We are enjoying getting to know those of you who submitted your Round 2 applications. Thank you for applying! Interviews are the next step in the process, so I thought I’d share a bit more about that.

As I think you know, interviews happen with a member of the Admissions Board who has read your application and comes prepared for a friendly and deep conversation about your background. Remember that we are rooting for you!

After holistically reading each application, we invite about 1 in 5 applicants to interview with us. Typically, just over half of those interviewed are admitted.

On January 28 and 31, we will send out our Round 2 invitations to interview. We send them out in two batches to make for a smoother interview sign-up process. I’ll post a bit more about the logistics as we get closer to January 28. For now, sit tight and try to enjoy the next week or two!

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jan16341 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jan16341
<![CDATA[Class of 2021 - Last Chance to Apply!]]> Fri, 21 Dec 2018 15:00:00 EST The Round 2 deadline is two weeks from today (January 4, 2019). Good luck to those of you working through your application!

Keep in mind that Harvard University, and our MBA Admissions office, will be closed from December 22 through January 1, 2019. We will be monitoring slatesupport@hbs.edu if you have any technical challenges with the application. We’ll be back in the office on January 2, 2019 so feel free to give us a ring then at +1 617 495-6128 if you have any questions.  

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Dec21338 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Dec21338
<![CDATA[Round 1 Decisions – One Week from Today]]> Tue, 4 Dec 2018 22:00:00 EST

Next Tuesday, December 11 at noon eastern time, we will release Round 1 admissions decisions via the Application Status page.

Some of you must be thinking: Why not today? I know it’s hard to wait! The truth is that we’re still making the (tough) decisions—using our best judgment to select a talented Class of diverse thinkers. So please hang with us for one more week. For each of you who applied in Round 1—thank you. We feel honored that we had the chance to get to know you over the past few months.

And for those of you considering submitting an application in Round 2, the deadline is one month from today—January 4, 2019. Remember, if you want to be considered for the HBS Class of 2021, January 4 is your last opportunity to apply since we no longer have a Round 3.  We hope you choose to apply! 

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Dec04337 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Dec04337
<![CDATA[The Global Experience at HBS]]> Tue, 20 Nov 2018 08:00:00 EST

I’m checking back in as we wrap up the interview process for Round 1 applicants. I’ll say it again: this is my favorite part of the process—after months of getting to know you on paper, we love meeting you in person. 

This round, in addition to interviewing on campus, I traveled to Tokyo and met great candidates in both places. The HBS Japanese Research Center (JRC) in Tokyo hosted me for the interviews and also organized a get together with local alumni and the interviewees. Anytime I travel, I am reminded that the HBS community is truly global. 

The JRC is part of a network of 14 HBS global research offices. The teams in these offices partner with local management teams and HBS faculty to write new cases. About 50% of all the HBS cases written each year are about international leaders and companies. The research offices also act like small embassies for HBS—for example, sourcing great projects for Field Global Immersion, working with students on global internships and job searches, and building community with local alumni.

Matched with a global student body and a global alumni community, the research centers are key to our mission to educate leaders who know how to make a difference in the world.

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Nov20336 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Nov20336