Deciding to go to business school is a big, life changing choice.

And, as it turns out, so is your partner deciding to go to business school with you.

So what’s it like to be a partner at HBS? We connected with two members of the HBS Partners Club to find out more about the HBS partner experience – and address rumors that it might be even more fun than the student experience. Here are a few things Larry Lennox-Choate and Alex Kornswiet thought all prospective HBS partners should know.

You’ll be an honorary member of your partner’s section

Alex: My husband’s section is fantastic at integrating partners into section life. All of the partners are invited to all of the social events with the students (big or small) and many events on campus, such as speakers, information meetings, etc. There was a reception in the beginning of the year for all partners (and their students) and I met so many people at this event. I also recommend going to the Fall Section Retreat, as this is a wonderful way to get to know both students and other partners.

Larry: What has impressed me the most is the very little that distinguishes students from partners at HBS. We are not only welcome to participate in just about every single thing that goes on, but we’re strongly encouraged, maybe even expected. Our section (Old A, SA Cup Champions, no big deal…) has been extremely welcoming to all partners from day 1.

In fact, there are times our section will reach out to me instead of Daniel to invite us to participate in things. We are equal in every way and that has been amazing. I sort of thought this would be two years on the back burner but instead it’s been a truly transformation experience for both of us. Plus, I actually think being a partner is the best way to do HBS – all of the fun and resources without any mandatory cases!

You can take advantage of all the HBS facilities and resources

Alex: The main HBS resource I have taken advantage of is getting a job! I work in the Student Association Office in the Spangler Center (where the dining hall is located). I actually received information about the job at the Admitted Student Welcome. I love working on campus because the job has the same schedule as the students, and I was able to assimilate into the campus community very easily.

Larry: Shad Hall on the HBS campus is a really wonderful gym. For the money, it’s a phenomenal value. It’s always clean, the staff is extremely friendly and warm, and the equipment is new and well-maintained.

You’ll make a ton of new friends

Alex: There are a lot of partners in my husband’s section, so I’ve become close friends with many of them. Others will find their friends outside of the section, but no matter where you find them, there are a lot of people here and everyone can relate to re-locating and wanting to make new friends. I was hoping to meet people while my husband was in school, but I never expected to meet such good friends. The friends I’ve met here are people who I know I will keep in touch with for life, and that is a wonderful surprise!

Larry: I am 100% certain that many partners I have met at HBS will be friends for life. And after we graduate we are going to know couples sprinkled all across the globe. Our HBS community will not cease to play a role in our life; it will just be spread out.

You’ll experience HBS as a team

Alex: Moving anywhere for a significant other can definitely seem overwhelming at first, but this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I am so happy to be here! I would recommend taking advantage of being here with your significant other as much as you can – it’s an experience for both of you, not just the student!

Larry: Daniel and I were married during RC year on November 2nd, so very early in the year. We went to dinner with a few of our very closest friends a couple days before our wedding. Afterwards someone pitched swinging by a nearby bar for an after dinner drink and they persuaded us to join. When we walked in the door our entire section was in the bar for a surprise wedding send-off party. I was overwhelmed. I had no idea and was extremely touched that relative strangers would go to such lengths to celebrate us in this way. It was an indication of the type of support network there is at HBS. It took almost no time at all for our section to form very deep bonds that I know will last a lifetime. We went from acquaintances to being a crazy family in no time, and that was the moment it become real for me.