Khalid Alghimlas earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical and biological engineering from Colorado State University in 2011 and is a strategist and business development consultant. Khalid was born and raised in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, where oil was discovered. He went on to work at the largest oil company in the world, Saudi Aramco, prior to attending HBS. One of Khalid’s most profound experiences at HBS so far has been the relationship he has forged with faculty members. Here, Khalid shares his experience at HBS and the opportunities provided to him by Harvard faculty

After college, I joined Saudi Aramco where I worked as a process engineer, and later as a project engineer, helping to build one of the largest petrochemical facilities in the world. While working at Saudi Aramco I was selected to join one of the Government Vision 2030 realization programs under the Council of Economic and Development affairs. It was a once in lifetime experience and a transformational journey for me as well as for our nation. My year-long assignment afforded me the privilege of working with high level government officials and global company CEOs. The experience taught me that no one can go it alone and all great leaders depend on teams. It is a lesson I would take with me as I began to build my community here at HBS and a philosophy I will carry into my future careers.  I learned that there are no limits but the ones we draw for ourselves and that the people you surround yourself with are truly important to your success and development. 

Before coming to HBS I heard a lot about how great the professors were in their fields and that we would have a chance to learn a great deal from them and our fellow section mates. But I recently experienced firsthand how caring the professors are toward their students beyond just their support through the classroom experience. I consider myself lucky to be at Harvard Business School and learning with students from around the world who are full of passion and empathy.  Most people know of HBS’s prestige and challenging curriculum, but I think few appreciate how compassionate the professors are.  

I was talking to my LEAD professor last semester about what I learned in class and what my plans were for the summer. The professor really took an interest in my plans and took time out of his schedule to connect me with his brother-in-law, a Managing Director at a leading PE firm. I couldn't believe the lengths my professor was willing to go for me. Not only was the professor deeply engaged in our conversation, but he took it upon himself to connect me with one of his personal contacts. I know professors are there to teach us, but at HBS professors go beyond being an instructor by helping us succeed inside the classroom and far beyond! They are truly invested in our future. 

Aside from this one experience, professors are always showing how much they care – asking how I’m doing as an individual, making sure I am staying grounded, and living a balanced and healthy life under the pressures of business school. Professors at HBS make you feel like you are part of a larger family. 

After spending a semester here at HBS, I learned that the support is there for you and that everyone around you deeply cares about you and your success. For anyone considering HBS or anyone currently in the program, please know that there is no reason to be shy. If you need help, seek it. You will always be greeted with support and good advice.  A lot about HBS was unknown to me before I joined – although I read almost every article and asked every friend I knew who had been to HBS about the HBS experience – but I never could have imagined how much professors would invest in the success of their students. I strongly believe that this is a story worth telling so that those who are considering coming to HBS will know they will be greeted not just by some of the greatest minds in the world, but the most caring as well.