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Dean Srikant Datar: “Business has been an enormous force of good in the world. You look at the number of billions of people lifted out of poverty, the standard of living that it has created, jobs it has developed. Yet the world has so many problems where business will now need to engage.”

Jana Kierstead, executive director of the MBA and Doctoral programs: “I want to be the first to officially welcome the Class of 2025.”

Dean Srikant Datar: “What are the timeless or enduring aspects of the MBA program? Try and understand a point of view that is totally different from yours as a gift. That's what the case method enables you to do over a period of time as you practice it. Active listening.

Technology and the impact of technology on business is accelerating at a very fast pace. The societal challenges that we face are going to create tremendous opportunities for business to address them.”

Professor Matthew Weinzierl, senior associate dean and chair of the MBA Program: “You're here to become a leader who makes a difference in the world. How do we get there? First, it takes hard work. Second, humility. Third is humanity. It all comes down to the fact that though, of course, we wish you lots of personal success, I firmly believe you're all here for something beyond yourself. You're all here to make a bigger difference in the world. And that in fact you know that part of the responsibility that comes with the opportunity of being in this room is to use this opportunity, this platform, to serve the public good.”

Jana Kierstead: “You belong here. Make sure you take advantage of it. Appreciate every minute of it.”

Adhavan Adityan (MBA 2024), Student Association Co-President: “The rigor of the HBS classroom is integral to the next two years and connects us with the alumni that came before us and the students that will come after us.”

Michelle Jeong (MBA 2024), Student Association Co-President: “Be intentional. We want you to thrive here at HBS and leave feeling equipped to tackle the hardest problems out there."

Dean Srikant Datar: “The proof of the mission is you. You are the standard to which we are held. You will be the measure of our success.”