In 2009, students at Harvard Business School mobilized to create a social contract: the MBA Oath. The MBA Oath has since been adopted by 1000+ MBAs worldwide and counting. In this new era, the MBA Oath feels more relevant than ever and casts a light on a need in this world to have trusted business leaders. Students representing more than 100 schools around the world have taken this important step toward building a planet with a shared standard for ethical and professional behavior. 

The MBA Oath Committee decided to share their mission with the world by hosting an MBA Admissions Instagram Takeover. Watch the video below to learn more or follow us on Instagram @hbsadmissions for access to the full takeover. 

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The MBA Oath


As a business leader I recognize my role in society.

My purpose is to lead people and manage resources to create value that no single individual can create alone.

My decisions affect the well-being of individuals inside and outside my enterprise, today and tomorrow. Therefore, I promise that:
  • I will manage my enterprise with loyalty and care, and will not advance my personal interests at the expense of my enterprise or society.
  • I will understand and uphold, in letter and spirit, the laws and contracts governing my conduct and that of my enterprise.
  • I will refrain from corruption, unfair competition, or business practices harmful to society.
  • I will protect the human rights and dignity of all people affected by my enterprise, and I will oppose discrimination and exploitation.
  • I will protect the right of future generations to advance their standard of living and enjoy a healthy planet.
  • I will report the performance and risks of my enterprise accurately and honestly.
  • I will invest in developing myself and others, helping the management profession continue to advance and create sustainable and inclusive prosperity.
In exercising my professional duties according to these principles, I recognize that my behavior must set an example of integrity, eliciting trust and esteem from those I serve. I will remain accountable to my peers and to society for my actions and for upholding these standards. This oath I make freely, and upon my honor.