Hello and thank you for taking the time to read more about the Latino community at HBS!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Our names are Raysana Hurtado (Co-President of LASO) and Jon Rios (VP of Admissions for LASO) – and we’re here to address some of the frequently asked questions we hear from prospective Latino students. 

What is the Latino community like at HBS?
LASO (the Latino Student Organization) at HBS has created a supportive and welcoming environment for students from a variety of backgrounds. From the classroom discussions to the vibrant activity around the campus, you get the sense that people are appreciated for being unique, authentic, and passionate leaders. 

The Latino community at HBS is supportive and engaged in the development of leaders who make a difference in the world. LASO, in particular, has taken responsibility for promoting Latino interests among the student body and the Harvard community at large. Developing partnerships with other affinity groups, helping support admissions and outreach events, and cultivating a support network for Latino students are just a few of the initiatives LASO conducts year round. We hope to continue promoting awareness of Latinos in business and other positions of importance within our society for years to come.

On a more granular level, LASO regularly hosts events for first year students (RCs) to check in with second year students (ECs) and talk about their experiences, get advice, and of course enjoy some great food! This is an important part of maintaining our identity and supporting one another through the challenges of the academic program.

LASO also supports Prospective Student Diversity Days (PSDD). PSDD is a chance for prospective students to come on campus and experience the classroom environment for themselves, meet other prospective students, and interact with current students. This is a great way to see first-hand the rich and supportive environment that thrives on campus.

Is HBS a diverse place?
Absolutely! At HBS you will meet people from a variety of backgrounds and come to appreciate the conversations that challenge your point of view in a respectful and open environment.  Sharing your own experiences is important to help others build their own understanding of the world. Being a part of the conversation is vital to create the unique experience that students have at HBS. What is most interesting is getting the opportunity to discuss race issues in the US with students from other countries where they may not be exposed to these issues.

What advice does LASO have for those interested in applying to HBS?
Use your Board of Directors. Almost everyone has a Board of Directors, but doesn't know it. A loved one that wants the best for you, a close friend that knows you, and a coworker or professional mentor that has guided you through your career. When applying to business school all of these people are the best consultants for the job. 

When applying to HBS consider reaching out and connecting with members of the Latino Student Organization. Our members are a great resource to learn more about HBS. It's also important to pay it forward. Make sure you’re on the Board for someone else, and once you arrive at business school take a leadership position within the clubs that helped you. Best of luck!