Have you ever wondered what it was like to experience Harvard Business School’s Case Method teaching style? Watch the Harvard MBA Case Method classroom brought to life by Professor Tsedal Neeley and a section of current students and see for yourself what it’s like to be cold called, participate in lively debates, and how this teaching style leads to emotional intelligence and lifelong application.

The case method presents big challenges confronting organizations – including the constraints and incomplete information found in all real world situations—and places you in the role of decision maker.

No simple solutions exist– yet through the process of exchanging diverse perspectives, countering and defending ideas, and building on each other’s thoughts, you become adept at analyzing issues, exercising judgment, and making difficult decisions.

Take a Seat in the MBA Classroom

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The HBS Case Method: Alumni Reflections

HBS alumni reflect on experiencing the Case Method teaching style during their time in business school, and the important role that it’s played throughout their careers.

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