Founded in 1981 as a student club at Harvard Business School, PRIDE is a home for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning MBA students and their partners. Our goal is to make PRIDE a safe space where students and their partners can build their chosen family, create lifelong friendships, and be their authentic selves. We support students the moment they step on campus and continue that support well after graduation. Our membership is approximately 140 students spanning across gender, nationality, race, and sexuality.

PRIDE builds community through dedicated social programming, fosters professional development, connects current students with alumni, hosts admission events, and encourages advocacy for LGBTQ+ representation at HBS and in business. We also have affinities within PRIDE that support intersectional identity groups – WTGNC, BIPOC, Latinx, Pan-Asian, and International – each with dedicated programming and board leads. Below are just some of the PRIDE events available to HBS students.

RC Welcome Event: First-year students (RCs) are first welcomed to the PRIDE family at an RC-only welcome event in their first week of classes. This event provides an opportunity for RCs to meet each other and form a community within their year before they are introduced to the rest of PRIDE.

PRIDE Retreat: Our annual fall retreat occurs in September and is held in Provincetown, Massachusetts – one of the country’s largest and most historic queer communities. This is a great opportunity for RCs to get to know club leadership and mingle with second-year students (ECs). PRIDE members and partners come to Provincetown annually to engage in community building, small-group dinners, and a ton of fun!

80’s Party: PRIDE hosts the legendary school-wide 80’s Party in early September – one of the most popular HBS social events of the year and a great opportunity to have fun with the PRIDE community and beyond.

Diversity Career Fair: Alongside other clubs, PRIDE hosts the Diversity Career Fair which brings together major employers across consulting, finance, tech, and more. We maintain strong partnerships with top firms across industries and work with HBS Career & Professional Development to provide PRIDE members with resources.

ROMBA Conference: PRIDE is proud to have been a founding member of Reaching Out MBA, the nation’s largest business and recruiting conference for LGBTQ+ MBA students and alumni, which we participate in annually.

Small Group Dinners: To facilitate more intimate opportunities for PRIDE members to get to know each other, we sponsor small-group dinners in the fall and spring.

Post-Case Reflections: PRIDE has worked hard to include LGBTQ+ representation in HBS cases. On days where LGBTQ+ issues are the focus of the case, we hold case debriefs for the community to continue the discussion and find support.

National Coming Out Day: For National Coming Out Day, PRIDE hosts a school-wide MyTake in Klarman Auditorium. MyTakes are opportunities for PRIDE members to share their stories and perspectives. It’s a core HBS tradition. Every year, PRIDE members get up on stage and share parts of their LGBTQ+ experience with the school. It’s a powerful and often moving moment where the school gets together to support each other.

Learn more about PRIDE here.