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Tara Basu Trivedi:

My life's purpose is to use technology to improve human health. It's the reason why I studied what I studied in undergrad, why I took my first and then second jobs out of school, why I decided to apply to grad school. And it's what I hope to do after HBS. This desire to make an impact in health care first started when I was in sixth grade, and I saw my grandfather recover after open heart surgery, and then my dad go through a long series of doctor's appointments to finally get to a diagnosis.

I initially thought that this desire to work in health care meant that I had to be a doctor. But after some reflection, I realized that medicine today does not look like what medicine will look like in 10 years. And that future is going to be enabled by technology. And so I wanted to be part of the generation that built the technology, the infrastructure, the devices, and the novel therapies on which the next generation of health care is powered.

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