As the time to say goodbye to HBS and our home in Cambridge comes around, I can’t help but reflect on our move here and the thoughts that were running through my head at the beginning of our first semester. Thoughts of worry and uncertainty, thoughts of how much I was sacrificing to support my partner’s future. As thankful as I was for this incredible opportunity, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of heaviness as I felt I was putting my life on hold for the next two years. How wrong I had it. 


These two years have been an incredible opportunity for growth, not only for my husband but also for myself. At HBS I’ve been able to travel, develop great friendships with people from all over the world, work on my career, further develop my confidence and learn so much more about myself. Here are a few highlights of what I’ve learned from my time at HBS. 

Take advantage of on-campus resources. 

Upon making the move from Los Angeles to Boston, I reached out to the Career and Professional Development office and signed up for career coaching. I was connected with a career coach who has been an incredible resource. Through our conversations and chats with other faculty on campus I was able to fine tune my career goals and sharpen my tools for recruiting. One of the highlights of my HBS experience is that I got a job on campus working as a Product Manager for the Student Association Products Office. As a result of this job, I have been able to broaden my technical skills, work with an incredible team, and have a lasting impact on the HBS community. 

HBS is your community if you are willing to make a space for yourself. 

Within the section - shout-out to section H! - partners are embraced and fully integrated into the section experience. I was able to attend social events, sit in as a guest for a couple of classes, attend the section MyTakes, and even get to share my own MyTake at a section hosted partner’s night (a MyTake is a student-run event that allows students and HBS members to share personal stories). Outside of the section, there are countless ways to connect with others - one of which is the Partner’s Club. During our second year, I joined the leadership team. The Partner’s Club is a great way to meet other couples across campus and explore Boston through their fun events such as apple picking and trips to the ballet!  

Lastly, you don’t have to be a “business school” person to contribute to the community.  

Coming to HBS, I wasn’t sure how I would fit in as an artist in a business school world. But what I’ve seen is that whether you are a partner who perfectly fits in and speaks the business school language or someone such as myself who comes from a very different world - we all play a part in developing a beautifully diverse experience at HBS. As an artist, I was able to work with HBS student clubs and use my design skills for campus conferences. I brought that same talent to my Product Management position on campus and helped rebrand the Products Office as well as redesign the yearbook. This community is what you make of it, we all have something to offer, you just need to put yourself out there.   

Overall, I am deeply thankful for this time and for the immense amount of personal growth that has come as a result and thankful for this community that has helped me discover new facets of myself and for the dear friendships that will last many years past our time here at HBS.