The inaugural MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences cohort of 29 students arrived at Harvard on August 6th and they’ve already completed their first (intense!) course—System Engineering. 

With access to a host of entrepreneurship resources and labs, the ability to engage closely with faculty and alumni advisors, the chance to experience five design cycles, and the opportunity to tap into Harvard’s vast network of leaders and founders, these students will leave Harvard with 2 degrees and the toolkit they need to become leaders of technology ventures. 

We asked severalstudents what excites them most about the new program and this is what we learned:

What excites you most about the MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences Program?

Adar Anon 
BS, Computer Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
"I am most excited about studying and working together with my MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences cohort. We all share a passion for technology, but from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I believe that the experience of studying together and learning from each other as a cohort will make all of us better leaders and entrepreneurs down the road." 

Lucas Baker

BS, Computer Science, Stanford University
"What I find most exciting about the MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences Program is the opportunity to pursue directed self-optimization along a number of axes, both technical and non-technical, and the chance to learn from the insights of extremely capable, driven, and broadly experienced classmates." 

Mollie Breen 

BS, Computer Science, Duke University 
BA, Mathematics, Duke University 
"There is so much to be excited about. I’m particularly eager to work alongside the professors of each school and the other MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences students to explore and strengthen the ties between engineering and business." 

Jeff Chen 

BE & BBA, Mechanical Engineering and General Business Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
"I am most excited by the unique experiences that the MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences Program is going to provide. Through it we will learn the skills and frameworks that bridge the worlds of engineering and business which is the key to creating a successful technological startup." 

Kyle Dumont 

BE & BS, Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University
"In the MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences Program we will have a tight-knit cohort to resonate ideas among while simultaneously being integrated into the diverse HBS and SEAS ecosystems. The program perfectly mirrors my own interest in redefining the relationship between business management and technology within modern organizations. This focused, two-year curriculum is precisely the foundation I plan to build upon in order to validate product concepts, develop business strategy, and staff cohesive teams to realize a vision. I'm glad to be part of the inception of this program. " 

Jade Kessler 

BE & BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
"The MS/MBA program is an opportunity to expand my knowledge of engineering and design, while developing a strong foundation in business. I am most excited about becoming part of a creative and entrepreneurial community that I hope will help me grow as a leader in tech." 

Martina Pillay 

BE & BS, Bioengineering, University of Illinois
"As an aspiring technology leader in healthcare, I'm extremely excited for this program to be an incubator for students to build skills around entrepreneurship and innovative management. I especially look forward to the hands on opportunities we will have in developing our own projects, such as the capstone project in the second year." 

Valentina Toll Villagra 

BE & BS, Mechanical Engineering, Boston University College of Engineering
"I like that the MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences Program is not two disconnected degrees taking place simultaneously, but rather a joint program where the components of each degree complement each other. I'm excited about the many hands-on experiences that are part of the MS curriculum which gives you the chance to put your ideas into practice." 

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