The mission of the Australian & New Zealand Club (ANZ) is to cultivate the community of Australians, New Zealanders, and people with ties to either country within HBS, and to share our culture with our classmates.

In the process we promote the ANZ region and help foster opportunities for business between MBA students and Australasian businesses.  Most of our club members are students from the region, though students who have worked in ANZ or have partners from ANZ also join. This means that while the club is small in size, it punches above its weight in campus representation.

We like to think that the ANZ Club brings a certain spark to campus, whether through our annual ball or through our annual trek to bring classmates down under.  Our ball is a famous part of the campus social calendar and presents a chance to share the adventurous nature of Aussies and Kiwis with the whole school.  It also provides a chance for our members to engage with their sections and invite them to the party.  

The club also hosts a trip to Australia during the winter of second year, for those who have always wanted to visit, or can’t wait to come back again.  Many who’ve gone say the trek was a highlight of their HBS experience. 

The club also serves our members by providing access to the wider ANZ community across Harvard, facilitating social events around major sporting occasions as well as hosting a retreat in New England. 

One outcome of our club is irrefutable: the community of ANZ classmates cultivates relationships that serve us well through our years at HBS, and will no doubt continue to serve and enrich us in our professional lives in the years ahead.

Any ANZ candidates considering HBS can be rest assured that there will be a piece of home waiting here for them, with countless opportunities to share the fun of our culture with their future classmates.