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Mother’s Day is a special occasion for our MBA moms. We asked Jimena Gutierrez (MBA 2024), Cecilia Liu (MS/MBA 2025), and Carlene Oestergaard (MBA 2024) to tell us about the challenges and joys of raising kids while earning an MBA.


Jimena Gutierrez (MBA 2024): I decided to pursue an MBA because I wanted to become a better leader, but over time, as I became a mother and I see the influence that I can have on Rafaella, the word has broadened.

Cecilia Liu (MS/MBA 2025): I have two kids. They're twins. Lucas. The second one is Liam.

Carlene Oestergaard (MBA 2024): I have one son. His name is Christian, born in my first semester of my second year of my MBA.

Cecilia Liu: There's no best time to have kids. I had the kids before I applied for grad school. In fact, I think I find myself deriving a lot of my strength and curiosity and confidence from having kids.

Jimena Gutierrez: It's all about knowing my priorities …

Carlene Oestergaard: and plan as a family …

Jimena Gutierrez: the support of other MBA moms and my husband, Ernesto, an MBA student.

Carlene Oestergaard: For my husband and I, as a dual career couple …

Jimena Gutierrez: this time has been challenging for both of us, but in a good sense.

Cecilia Liu: I don't deny the fact there are times things get hard, but it's also quite joyful.