Mae Abdelrahman (MBA 2021) is the founder of Nour, a skin care company built on the belief that all shades of skin deserve to be valued and protected equally. Prior to coming to HBS, Mae graduated from Dartmouth College before joining the Teach For America corps in Chicago. After spending 2.5 years in the classroom, she transitioned to a role in the financial services sector, before attending HBS. Mae has had a lifelong passion for skin care and beauty and she was excited to start her own beauty company as soon as she arrived on campus.

Nour will enter the market with a line of tinted mineral-based sunscreens that will blend flawlessly with dark skin tones. The Nour sunscreens will come in three dark shades that won’t leave an unpleasant white cast on the skin.

Mae comes from a long line of strong, Sudanese women who believe that health and beauty go hand-in-hand. Nour is Mae’s mother’s namesake. This skin care brand is a tribute to her mother’s dedication to raise Black daughters who would challenge norms and improve the lives of others. Nour seeks to empower minority and marginalized groups to create equity where it does not currently exist. Nour embodies female strength, Black power, and the fight for equity.