Ja’ Saint-Tulias (MBA 2022) is a forward-thinking, aspiring digital beauty marketing leader, and storyteller with an extensive background in chemical engineering and entrepreneurship from Michigan State University. Since she was a little girl she's been at the helm of the beauty industry from sewing pieces for high school fashion shows to becoming a certified esthetician and beauty blogger pre-HBS. Bachelor's in hand, Ja’ has set her sights on earning a master's degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School to pursue a career in marketing, a redirection she sees more as a "calling” than a career pivot.

As a first-generation student born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, chemical engineering was a path towards creating skincare products and addressing the beauty needs of people of color. However, throughout her collegiate journey, she faced barriers in representation and mentorship that inspired her to create a children's book called Nadia Goes to the Great Fishing Hole, fostering confidence and resiliency in young children.

Ja' strongly believes while "education and financial support is important for success in STEM studies," it's pivotal for students to have representation and emotional support so they can show up authentically when they have a seat at the table.

Watch my Instagram Takeover below to learn more about me and see what a day as an HBS MBA student for me looks like.

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