I thought HBS would be my husband’s adventure.  He would explore and I would share in that by co-piloting his journey.  In hindsight, I have shared in his HBS travels, but he has also shared in mine.  For HBS is the place where I began to dream again.  

In the past ten years I have seen both my parents through cancer treatments and my husband through a deployment.  Somewhere during that decade, I stopped dreaming about what life could be, and started hoping for what life wouldn’t be.  This is how I arrived at HBS.

But to my great fortune, HBS itself and the partners’ community especially, embraced me in a way where I felt both comfort and inspiration.  During my time here I’ve met partners remarkable in their careers, family, talents and hearts.  We’ve shared births and art openings, creativity and cases.  It is thanks to these individual relationships, and the entire HBS community, that I was willing to hear and ready to answer the single question HBS has asked its community for generations:  “what do you want your life to be?”

And as a response, I recently decided to leave my law firm to pursue a career in cancer caregiver advocacy.

Although I’m starting a new endeavor, there are many opportunities through the Harvard community to enhance my skills and partner with experts, so I don’t feel like I’m setting out alone.  I’ve met with HBS students and partners for advice, participated in workshops offered by Harvard College and the Kennedy School, and discovered resources in the Divinity School and the Medical School.  Professors, students, administrators and partners have connected me to people and organizations.  

As an HBS partner, I’ve gained a launch pad as well as a safety net for my new career.  I recognize not every partner will switch careers or is interested in my level of involvement with HBS and the Harvard Community.  My story is not meant to be proscriptive but rather illustrative of a basic truth.  And the truth is this: for all future partners, HBS is here as a safe space to dream - and as a place to learn skills required to implement those dreams.  HBS can change your life.