In honor of Veterans Day, we checked in with the HBS Armed Forces Alumni Association, the club on campus for student veterans.

The mission of the Armed Forces Alumni Association (AFAA) is to help talented veterans transition out of the military to Harvard Business School, assist in the professional development and job search process of members, and raise awareness and support for the military among the members of the Harvard University community. The AFAA welcomes service members and veterans from all branches and nations.

What does the AFAA do?

The AFAA sponsors a veteran career fair and club retreat in the fall. In November, we sponsor and host the Harvard University Veteran’s Day ceremony. In addition, we hold semi-annual admissions outreach and mock-case events moderated by an HBS professor who is a military veteran. Additionally, we sponsor a variety of veteran community events and service birthday celebrations.

Who leads the club?

Nicholas Hanson (MBA/MPP 2024), Co-President (Admissions)

"I was incredibly clueless about the MBA admissions process when applying to HBS. I never spoke to anyone in the AFAA or realized how valuable current veteran student advice could be in preparing initially for the application and subsequently for the interview. Looking back on that experience, I wanted to serve in the AFAA as a resource for military members looking to make a pivot into the business world. Furthermore, I wanted to raise awareness among the veteran, active-duty, and reservist community about the benefits of an MBA."

Curran Boyce (MBA 2024), Co-President (Community)

"After serving in the military, the first year at HBS can be a lot for new students to adjust to. I remember feeling challenged by the stresses of recruiting, academics, and networking. Thankfully, the veteran community at HBS connected me with mentors in the AFAA that helped me navigate these challenges and connected me with a community that shared many of the same experiences. I decided to join the AFAA leadership to help that community grow and create experiences for the incoming class that would help them succeed in their business school experience to become civilian leaders that make a difference in the world."

Quent Dickmann (MBA 2024), Co-President (Careers)

"The veteran community at HBS and beyond has been a big help to me ever since I made the decision to leave the Navy and pursue a career in business. While we all served in uniform in different ways, there is so much we have in common - that strong foundation makes our community special and unique. For me, the opportunity to serve as a leader within the AFAA is a small way to help others and continue the veteran tradition at HBS."

John Keyes (MBA 2024), CFO

"As one of the only enlisted members of the military in the class of 2024, I am the fly in the soup of the AFAA; therefore, I chose to serve in leadership mainly to annoy my fellow officers and to try to keep them in check! Kidding. I witnessed the AFAA’s support of US military veterans, those who have served out of uniform, and veterans from our partners and allies throughout the world and wanted to be involved in creating an environment of camaraderie for those people attending HBS. The members of the AFAA have been instrumental in helping me transition to the private sector, and it is my hope that I can return the favor to others."