Peek is an annual online program intended for current undergraduate students that provides an opportunity to try out the HBS case method of study, join a leadership development discussion, gain an understanding of the career flexibility and optionality that the MBA degree provides, connect with current students to learn about the HBS community and student experience, and hear about MBA admissions and financial aid.

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Greg Asare, a graduate with a major in Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago and originally hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts. In the following section, we present his insights and experiences during his participation in Peek.

Why did you decide to participate in Peek?

I discovered Peek through the MBA Admissions website. Since I intended to apply to the 2+2 program in my final year of college, I was eager to gain a comprehensive insight into the HBS experience. This program fulfilled my aspirations as it allows undergraduates, no matter their background, a chance to gain a deep understanding of what it is like being a Harvard MBA student. Hearing from the HBS Career & Professional Development Office, interacting with current students, and actively engaging in HBS classroom activities, I knew that I would walk away from the three-day virtual event feeling more genuinely informed about why a Harvard MBA experience is so exceptional.

What aspect of Peek was most interesting to you? Why?

For me, participating in the case method during the second day of Peek was the most interesting aspect. This was because it really allowed me to feel immersed in the perspective of a Harvard MBA student. Leading up to the interactive session, I was able to analyze and organize thoughts on an original HBS case based on a real complex business scenario. During the actual discussion, Professor Jill Avery did a fascinating job guiding the conversation and offering insights while simultaneously allowing student participants to take the lead. I was able to not only speak about my ideas but also pull from other students’ perspectives on the case.

Being introduced to many novel and diverse viewpoints on the same material in a classroom atmosphere was exciting. I thought this session really embodied the program's goal of giving college students a peek into the MBA experience.

What was a major takeaway from your experience at Peek?

One significant insight I gained is that HBS nurtures leadership by promoting diversity. You are continuously challenged to grow into the best version of yourself as a leader by consistently being exposed to different perspectives. Personally, I felt enriched when I took note of the insightful ideas and questions posed by student participants of various backgrounds during interactive events like the Case Method session. It was thrilling to experience and understand how it translates into the real MBA journey. Listening to alums during the 2+2 panel, I learned how HBS intentionally places its students in dynamic environments where they can develop into the world's future leaders. For instance, during your first year, you are put in a section where you form close relationships and learn from a community of 90 students from eclectic backgrounds.

What surprised you the most about Harvard Business School?

What surprised me most about HBS is the students’ capacity to have a global impact within their first year on campus. During the 2+2 panel, I was astonished to hear from current students about their experiences in the FIELD Global Immersion course. You can apply the lessons you learned from foundational classes to a complex real-world consulting project at the end of your first year. With a diverse group of peers, there is an opportunity to have a genuinely positive effect on different companies in numerous locations worldwide, from New Delhi, India to Helsinki, Finland.

What advice do you have for college students considering attending Peek?

If you are considering or planning to attend Peek, I encourage you to proactively engage in the interactive sessions and never be afraid to contribute your creative ideas. Coming into the program, I was initially nervous about my participation as my college background did not constitute extensive business experience. However, that is precisely what makes Peek and, on a broader scale, HBS, so special. In contributing your own unique thoughts with peers from wide-ranging backgrounds, you are helping to create conversations that allow you to reflect, inquire, and look at a business case in a way you may never have before. This presents a significant opportunity to truly experience the excellence of an HBS education. So, make sure to sign up for those virtual case method experiences and raise your hand on Zoom!

Learn more about Peek here.