Since graduating in 2014, Claire Friedman has written for SNL and The New Yorker. We caught up with Claire to learn about what life has been like since leaving the HBS campus and what she misses most.

Why did you decide to go to HBS?

I decided to go to HBS because I wanted to change careers and I thought an MBA would help me with that transition. I'd been working in investment banking, and I knew I wanted to shift into entertainment. HBS has amazing entertainment classes/clubs/alumni, so it felt like the right choice.

Where are you working now? 

I'm writing for Desus & Mero, a late night show on Showtime. We write and tape the show in New York City, which is where I'm from. 

What are you looking forward to the most in your career? 

I hope to one day create and run my own show! That'll be when my MBA starts to come back into play (even though my day-to-day job functions right now aren't particularly related to what I learned in b-school, as I advance in my career, I know I'll be using all those management, leadership, marketing skills etc.)

What do you miss the most about HBS? 

Border Cafe in Harvard Square! It's cheap and delicious! Also, I miss hanging out with my section, and all of the people I met at HBS. I'm excited to go back for my five-year reunion this spring!

Anything else you would like to add?

It can be extremely scary to go for the career you want, especially if it's an uncommon path. It took me a long time to take the plunge and go fully into a creative career, but in the end, I really believe that going for what you want is a risk worth taking. (If a career's not right for you, no amount of prestige is gonna change the way you feel.)