Each year, HBS sends a new class of freshly minted MBAs out into the world. Before the Class of 2015 embarked on their next adventure, we took the opportunity to chat with some of the graduating MBAs to find out what has been most meaningful to them during their two years here. Kathryn McGeough – originally from the seaside town of Torquay in England – is heading to Houston this fall to work at McKinsey. Here’s what she had to say about her time at HBS.

Why did you decide to come to HBS?

When I visited the campus to interview I found that I really enjoyed sitting in Kathryn McGeough (1).JPG
a class and watching the case method in full swing. I thought that it would be fun to learn in that way. Additionally, the people I met were friendly and helpful and I felt that HBS was somewhere I would enjoy myself.

What surprised you the most about coming here?

How lovely and generous everyone was. Students and staff are willing to help you whenever they can. When it came to taking our first year exams the students with experience in the subject helped make note decks and shared them across the class for people to learn from. Additionally, students hosted intra-section and class wide review sessions.

What’s your favorite memory?

The first section retreat. Everyone was very open and wanting to know each other. We had a fantastic time together.

Can you tell us about the friendships you’ve made here?

I have made friends here that I know I will carry with me throughout my life. I had a harder EC year than many with personal illness and a family tragedy and having support from the friends I made at HBS got me through. I will always appreciate and love them for that.

Academically, what part of your HBS experience has been the most meaningful?

1)      Being able to talk with the faculty - Having the faculty share their experiences was invaluable to me as it helped me consider the path that I wanted to take. Additionally, faculty were very helpful in my own planning of my career, for example, my LEAD professor provided me with connections which helped me secure my summer internship.

2)      Cross-registering - I took classes at HKS, HLS and with the economics department. These classes allowed me to explore subjects of interest to me. Taking these classes allowed me to make friends and connections in my field of interest which has subsequently affected my chosen career path.

What has been the toughest thing about being at HBS?

How full my calendar is. Firstly, moving from abroad it took me longer to settle in than most of the Americans as there were so many more things I didn’t understand. The food was different, the social norms were different and I had to get used to the subtleties of the language (and I am English!). Then it was balancing school work, social life and having a relationship. I have a very supportive partner and I think he deserves half of my MBA. It was definitely a team effort.

How has being here changed what kind of leader you are?

Being at HBS has made me think more internationally. I consider personal background and culture more when I analyze people’s decisions which has helped me to understand people’s motivations better.

What advice do you have to someone thinking of applying?

Just apply. I never thought I would be accepted and being here has been an amazing two years.

What is your biggest takeaway from HBS?

Choose the path that makes you happy. I have different career aspirations than others in my MBA program but being different is good. Your uniqueness should be embraced.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday?

Being outside in the hills or on the sea doing any kind of sport.

If you could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive) who would they be?

Sir Winston Churchill (politician), Sir Edmund Hillary (explorer – first man to climb Mt Everest), Sir David Attenborough (BBC Natural History Broadcaster).

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

It is not really advice, but my mum and dad always told me that they loved me for being me, which gave me the strength to push my boundaries and see what I was capable of.