We know that the Admissions process can be nerve-wracking no matter what stage of the process you are in. In an attempt to demystify aspects of the application process and dispel some myths along the way, we wanted to provide some resources that may help you put together the best possible application. 

Q&A podcast with Clear Admit: Chad Losee, Managing Director of HBS MBA Admissions and Financial Aid, participated in a Q&A podcast with Clear Admit. He was able to answer questions about the application, Financial Aid at HBS, and share his own personal experience facing admissions jitters. 

Dispelling Myths Webinar: In this webinar, current MBA students sit down with Chad to discuss common myths and misconceptions about life at HBS. 

Application Tips Summer Series: This summer, Chad broke down each part of the application process to help you stay organized and feel confident. Visit the Direct from the Director Blog or download the PDF (Direct From the Director Application Tips.pdf) to view the series.