Short Intensive Programs (SIPs) offer students an excellent opportunity to think about career choices, gain practical skills, and explore topics they might otherwise never get to study. 

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SIPs are no fee, no credit courses, and take place during Winter break. Below are the descriptions of some of the 2019-20 SIPs offerings.  

Africa Rising: Understanding Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Complexities of a Continent 

Faculty: Hakeem Belo-Osagie & Carrie Elkins 

This course was designed to introduce HBS students to the complexities of Africa – economic, sociological, and historical – and the ways in which these Africa-specific trends impact the opportunities and challenges in undertaking business and entrepreneurship ventures on the continent today. Drawing upon the active participation of prominent African alumni, as well as others with expertise in the field, “Africa Rising” will offer big picture understandings of the continent, and the ways in which its past informs the present. 

Effective Strategic Philanthropy 

Faculty: Brian Trelstad 

Non-profit organizations and social enterprises play an important role in every country in the world: as laboratories for social innovation, as the delivery system for critical goods and services at scale, as the stewards of our cultural heritage, and as advocates for a more just and inclusive society. This SIP will take a closer look at how to be an effective and strategic partner to the rapidly evolving social sector, be that as a philanthropist, impact investor, board member, employee or corporate partner.  

Fintech: Disruptions in Credit, Payments and Real Estate 

Faculty: Marco Di Maggio 

The advent of new technologies and big data promise to revolutionize the finance world by disintermediate financial transactions. In this short intensive program, faculty will evaluate innovative strategies to create new marketplaces and opportunities, examine the key challenges in competing with large incumbent firms, and show how incumbents can defend their market shares. The class will also discuss innovations across different segments of financial markets: from lending to payments, from investments to real estate.  

HBS Startup Bootcamp 

Faculty: Julia Austin, Allison Mnookin & Martin Sinozich 

The HBS Startup Bootcamp is a 9-day program for first-year students that uses a learning-by-doing approach to build skills required to succeed as an early-stage entrepreneur. The Bootcamp is designed for three types of students: 

  • Aspiring founders whose startup concept is selected as a team project will accelerate their concept’s development. 
  • Students committed to joining a startup upon graduation will gain practice with a range of relevant skills. 
  • Students debating whether to pursue an entrepreneurial path will experience first-hand what it’s like to work on a startup, which should help them assess career fit. 

Strategy for Entrepreneurs 

Faculty: John Wells 

Strategy for Entrepreneurs examines how successful startups develop and execute strategy in very fast-moving, uncertain environments to help increase the chances of building a successful, sustainable enterprise. The course is designed for students who are already entrepreneurs and want to learn from others; students seriously considering starting their own business or joining a startup team; and students considering working in a venture fund or incubator, or investing in their own right. 

The Life and Role of the CEO 

Faculty: Trevor Fetter, Gary Loveman, Nitin Nohria & Kevin Sharer 

Over the course of four days, students participate in case discussions and workshops with current and past CEOs aimed at uncovering the reality of how to best prepare to become CEO and how to function effectively in the role. The course starts by analyzing the pros and cons of early career options. The successful CEO’s role in strategy development, operations, capital allocation, and organizational development will be explored in-depth.