Peek has changed a lot since its founding in 2015! Please visit the Peek website for the most up to date information on dates, registration, and program events.

Our names are Sam Unsworth and Jaideep Wasu; two students from the United Kingdom who stumbled across the concept of Peek Weekend while studying at Bristol University. Before we applied to Peek Weekend in Spring 2017, we never imagined ourselves going to business school, let alone Harvard Business School. Fast forward six months and we find ourselves with lasting memories, amazing friendships, and a new perspective of what makes HBS and the MBA so brilliant.

Here, we will recall some of the many notable memories from our Peek Weekend experience. But the best way to truly understand the impact of Peek is to apply to the program and try it for yourself.

#1 – The Peek Weekend app

HBS Peek Weekend App

Before we even booked our flights, HBS sent us a fantastic app specifically for Peek Weekend students. Suddenly, Peek Weekend was brought to life as everyone was getting to know each other before arriving on campus. The app also contained our schedule, a map of HBS, a profile of each attendee, and the names of all HBS staff we would encounter. The app provided great fun as we all shared our memories over the weekend and beyond.

#2 – The Welcome
Welcome to Peek Weekend

When we arrived at the Spangler Center, we were not only greeted by the wonderful Peek Weekend team, but given our case studies, HBS Peek tees, The Wisdom of Finance by Mihir Desai, endless HBS branded stationary, and our dorm keys. Staying in the actual HBS dorms only added to the already exciting experience on campus.

#3 – HBS Campus
HBS Campus during Peek Weekend

The campus is beautiful, the reputation is second to none, the facilities are incredible – everything about HBS was brilliant. Our Peek experience started with a tour of the campus where we really got to see just how expansive HBS is. It was also a chance to chat with other students attending. Everyone was just looking around in complete awe.

#4 – Friends from around the world
Friends From Around the World Peek Weekend at HBS

Between the two of us we made so many friends at HBS from so many different countries. The first evening we had a large cohort dinner and for the rest of the evenings we all got to know each other in the dorm lounges while going over a case study or two. It wasn’t just the diversity of backgrounds that was fascinating, but the diversity of ideas that really added to the whole experience.

#6 – Small group study sessions over breakfast
Morning Study Groups at Peek Weekend

In the mornings, we were allocated time to go over our case studies over breakfast. This is something that happens each morning for students in the MBA program at HBS, so we really felt like we were living the MBA life for three full days. The ideas that were shared in these sessions were incredibly diverse and interesting. It really helped us consider other people’s perspectives ahead of class.

#7 - The Case Study Method
Class at Peek Weekend at HBS

After reading the case study ourselves, discussing it with classmates the evening before, and going through it in our small group study session; we attended class. The energy around the room was invigorating with at least 80% of the contributions coming from members of the class. We tackled five case studies during Peek which all varied from a mattress start up, to a Wall Street senior banker promotion, to Medicare –one group even had a case study on Beyoncé!

#8 – The Teaching Staff
Teaching Staff and Peek Weekend Students

The teaching staff at HBS are truly inspiring. Professors structured each teaching session in the same way they would an MBA course. All were unique in their approach and style but all were absolutely brilliant. Each professor always reiterated: It didn’t matter how many times they ran the case, the class discussion was always different. They were also more than happy to get involved in some photo opportunities with the class, as Professor Leonard Schlesinger does here!
#9 – Meeting Alumni and Current Students
Cohort Dinner at Peek Weekend 2017

We had the opportunity to meet current students and alumni from HBS through panels and evening dinners. Hearing about their different backgrounds and countries really showed us the diversity found within the HBS community. It was great to hear about their experiences with the MBA program.
#9 – The Weather
Boston Weather Peek Weekend 2017 HBS

It rains FAR LESS than the UK. To add to our excellent experience, the weather in Boston was amazing. In the UK, we are used to wearing coats even in summer due to the sporadic weather. One of us did in fact pack an umbrella for this trip, however, we won’t name who…

#10 - The Future
Peek Weekend Class 2017

Attending HBS Peek Weekend has motivated us both to apply to HBS for an MBA in the future. Having experienced a small taste of what life at HBS is like has left a lasting impression on us both. We hope that being back in the classroom at HBS discussing complex cases with such a diverse group of people will be a reality in a few years. As expected, we have made some lasting friendships, and as some of our cohort have already experienced – we are more than happy to meet up in the UK!

HBS starts taking Peek Weekend applications on February 1 with a deadline of April 18. For more information about Peek Weekend 2018 and the application details, register for one of our informative webinars which take place on February 13 and April 3, or join our Peek mailing list.