Amid the greatest economic, geopolitical, and social uncertainty in years, there is one thing we can be sure about – real value creation and innovation are enduring. This is why we founded the Harvard Builders Club, an alumni community for Harvard’s builders who dare to innovate. The Harvard Builders Club’s mission is to empower leaders who build a better, more creative, and more diverse world. The club is a think tank for innovative ideas and a space for meaningful bonds between the builders community and prominent venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders.

Yarden Halperin (MS/MBA 2022) and Tomer Avni (MS/MBA 2022)

We – Yarden and Tomer – are graduates of Harvard’s MS/MBA Engineering Sciences program. The program was founded in 2018 by Harvard Business School and Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to educate the tech leaders of tomorrow. The beginning of our MS/MBA journey started in summer of 2020. A month before meeting the greater MBA class, we gathered as the MS/MBA cohort for our first course together. We all immediately clicked. Throughout our two years in Boston, with each MS/MBA course and activity, we came even closer. We felt like we had our own little family for the coming two years and forever.

As graduates of the MS/MBA program, we were privileged to be part of this inspiring group of people. The program’s graduates are at the forefront of building the most cutting edge companies and products. Many have raised multiple rounds from tier-1 VCs (some already exited!) or work at leading startups and tech companies. This powerful group of people found their community within The Harvard Builders Club.

We were thrilled to have our inaugural Builders retreat in Palo Alto this past February. Following a packed schedule, we met with the world's most prominent tech leaders and investors, from organizations like Google, Meta, Sequoia, a16z, Greylock, BCV, and many more. More than anything, bringing everyone together strengthened our community and invigorated each one in their own journey.

With so much excitement from the retreat, as well as many people who approached us wishing to participate in a similar event, we decided to announce our summer Builders Gala event in NYC. The Builders Gala is the annual summit and the main event of the Builders community. It will bring together the members of the community, additional builders from Harvard, and leading VCs, entrepreneurs, and product leaders for a summit dedicated to learning, connecting, and building together.

Daring to innovate isn’t enough. Innovation that endures is diverse and equitable. As a result of centuries of bias, imaginary boundaries, and unfair partition of the world’s resources, the innovation ecosystem is not diverse and equal enough, and we aim to change that. The Harvard Builders Club is home for ALL who dare to innovate. Together, we will build a better world.