Peek has changed a lot since its founding in 2015! Please visit the Peek website for the most up to date information on dates, registration, and program events.

When I first learned about Peek Weekend it seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain insight into the MBA experience while also getting to know the HBS campus and the renowned case method. After participating in Peek, I can confidently say that the program significantly surpassed my expectations.

I would describe Peek as a unique learning opportunity that somehow manages to condense the experience of an HBS MBA into an insightful three-day program. The extended weekend was packed with activity: case discussions, guest speakers, lunch and dinner events, and many hours of both individual and group case preparation. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Peek was having the chance to meet numerous incredible people, including professors, alumni, current students, and fellow Peek participants from different backgrounds. While different interests, different schools, and different countries were represented at Peek, curiosity and eagerness to learn were the unifying forces that drove conversations and amplified the impact of the Peek experience.

Participants were divided into one of three cohorts: STEM, Family Business, and Women’s Colleges. The diversity among Peek participants led to deep, meaningful discussion that resembled the class dynamics that take place at HBS MBA classes. Overall, my biggest takeaway from Peek was that HBS is about a lot more than just learning business concepts through case discussions. I realized that HBS is a community where you get to explore different academic fields, meet remarkable people, build lasting friendships, take risks, and ultimately discover how and why you want to exploit your leadership potential.

At Peek Weekend there are innumerable combinations of undergraduate majors, work industries, nationalities, and personalities. If you plan to apply to Peek, you should know that Peek is a learning experience meant to expose students to the MBA program and to HBS; therefore, you should feel confident and qualified to apply regardless of the extent of your current business knowledge. I would say that a positive attitude and a strong desire to learn are better indicators of potential for success in this program than preexisting business expertise.