Peek has changed a lot since its founding in 2015! Please visit the Peek website for the most up to date information on dates, registration, and program events.

My name is Colby DeWeese and I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. As I wrapped up my senior year of college I knew I was going to enter the working world, but knew my Bachelor’s degree would not be the end of my education. I started researching further educational opportunities so I could set a plan for the next five years. I saw both HBX CORe and Peek Weekend on Harvard’s website and decided to apply for both – and I loved both programs!

Peek is really the most robust look at an MBA possible. Instead of just telling you how great and transformative an MBA can be, we are immersed in the world of the MBA and watch firsthand as it transforms your way of thinking and begins to shape business acumen in just a weekend.

My biggest take away was that business school can be for anyone—especially STEM majors. In fact, coming from a variety of backgrounds makes class that much more interesting because you will hear so many other points of view. So don’t count yourself out of an MBA just because of what you studied as an undergrad.

The cohort experience was great. With so many STEM majors being represented we all immediately bonded over our tumultuous engineering (or other major) schooling. Despite all being STEM minded, we still brought a variety of backgrounds and experiences to our curriculum and applying it to cases. I came to understand that STEM majors actually make great MBA candidates because of our quantitative mindset.

Many of us from the STEM cohort still keep in contact. Of course we had the basis of STEM in common, but apart from that we were a really diverse group of individuals from all over the country (and even internationally). The greatest thing we had in common was a desire to connect and learn about other’s lives. We have a Facebook page that is still very active. I talk regularly with a few members of the cohort and am proud to say that I made several lasting friendships through Peek.

I find myself thinking about what I learned between Peek and CORe on a regular basis. At work, I am in a roll that requires much engineering knowledge, but also places great emphasis on financials as I am accountable for managing project budgets, forecasting project spending, and general project management. These programs were a genuine benefit to me and I don’t know how I would have kept from drowning without them!