HBS Peek is an educational experience designed for college students to gain knowledge and insight into the MBA degree. Using the renowned case method of instruction, HBS faculty will lead class discussions on current management challenges and opportunities. Participants will spend evenings analyzing real business cases, and use morning study groups and classes to examine and debate their ideas through lively interaction with peers and faculty. This is the life of an MBA student at HBS.

My name is Tania Mariscal. I am originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. Currently, I am pursuing a double major in Finance and Accounting with a Minor in Communication Studies at the University of Texas at El Paso. When I applied to the program back in February, I did not realize how much HBS Peek would impact me.
These are some of the life and professional lessons that I learned at HBS:

1. Different Angles
An MBA from Harvard Business School does not teach you a specific way of solving corporate issues, but it does teach you to see the problem from all different angles and evaluate what approach is better for each particular situation. The critical thinking that I needed to apply during the weekend was one of the most challenging parts of the program. I learned how to use the Case Method in a variety of ways for each scenario.
2. Embrace our Differences
This is is a must have at Harvard Business School. My first case was about Beyoncé. There were many components in this case, and from my perspective, one of those was Queen Bey’s originality. During the program, I had the privilege to meet so many unique personalities that, with the help of Beyoncé’s case, made me realize that we should always embrace our differences in everything we do.
3. The Power of Silence
The power of silence in conversations can provide you with entirely different perspectives. During the entire weekend, I was tremendously surprised by how many diverse ideas I got just by listening to my classmates. It is always good to have our individual interpretations. However, we should also try to absorb knowledge from others and based on that formulate a more balanced argument.
4. Diversity and Inclusion
One of the most significant privileges of attending HBS Peek was meeting incredible people from all around the world; all of us with different backgrounds and stories to tell. Meeting my peers gave me hope that even though there are still many people who are against diversity and inclusion, there are also forces out there that fight to create equal opportunities for all. Harvard is one of those forces.
5. Perspectives from All Industries
Half of my study group peers were majoring in Engineering, one of them in Art History, and the rest of us in Business. I learned so much from our hour-long study sessions over breakfast; thank you all for your awesome points of view. It was impressive to see how we answered the same question with perspectives from various industries. Now, I am more aware of the importance of being informed about a wide range of disciplines and understand how they impact our economy in general.
6. Empathy as Part of HBS Learning Experience
Empathy can make a difference in everything we do as humans including our professional careers. An essential part of the Case Method was to understand others people's opinions and why they differ from our own. As I mentioned before, we all had different backgrounds, majors, nationalities, languages, and professional experiences. Therefore, empathy played a crucial role in the acceptance of everyone's inputs which made me reflect on my own.
It was a huge privilege to be part of the 2018 HBS Peek Program and the Ivy Cohort. It was a pleasure meeting each one of my fellow classmates, and I cannot wait to see what the future has for each of them. By far, one of the best experiences of my life. I encourage more undergraduate students to apply.