Peek has changed a lot since its founding in 2015! Please visit the Peek website for the most up to date information on dates, registration, and program events.

In 2015 Harvard Business School launched its inaugural Peek Weekend. Peek was originally conceptualized to help young women (specifically from women’s colleges) understand what business school is all about – at a time when they’re naturally thinking about the next steps in their lives.

Last year 124 attendees joined us on campus and immersed themselves in all things HBS. They lived in the dorms, read HBS cases, attended class, and developed their business acumen. Participant Anne Dickinson Meltz noted last year, “HBS promised a peek into its classroom, and delivered a full-immersion business school experience amongst bright and passionate women, professors, alumnae, and faculty—something I’ll never forget and hope to continue someday.”

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to last year’s event, HBS will once again be offering Peek Weekend – but is evolving the concept this summer.

Here are four things you should know about 2016 Peek Weekend.

1. Peek Weekend isn’t just for women anymore

HBS is now welcoming both men and women to the program, as long as they meet specific criteria.

2. There are now three ways to qualify for Peek Weekend

In order to apply for the program, applicants must either:

  • Major in a STEM discipline (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics areas of study)

  • Be enrolled at a women's college

  • Come from a family-owned business background

3. Peek Weekend is expanding in size

Last year two cohorts of around 60 women participated in Peek. This year there will be three cohorts and around 200 spaces available. Each cohort will have its own specific curriculum in addition to joint sessions for all Peek participants.

4. Some things about Peek Weekend will stay the same

Not everything will be changing! Peek is still open to college students who are rising juniors, seniors, and new graduates (Class of 2016, 2017 or 2018 from bachelor degree programs). The cost to attend is still $500 and covers all materials, food and housing. There will be a small number of need-based financial aid awards available.

Peek participants will continue to learn from the same faculty who teach MBA courses at HBS, and are internationally recognized for pioneering research and contributions made to business management.

Participants will spend evenings analyzing real-business cases, and use morning study groups and classes to examine and debate their ideas through lively interaction with peers and faculty. The classroom experience will be supplemented by sessions with HBS staff, students, and alumni.

It’s also still taking place in June, specifically June 10-12.

If you’d like to learn more about Peek Weekend feel free to contact us at or tune in to an upcoming informational webinar. The application deadline is April 21, and all decisions will go out on May 5.