Greetings! My name is Alonso Lucero, and I’m currently a first year student at HBS. Prior to HBS, I worked in consulting, social impact venture capital, and data alfonso.png

I chose to attend Harvard Business School for three primary reasons: the case method, increased support for entrepreneurship, and diversity of experiences of its students and faculty.

The case method – When I was applying to business schools, I reviewed all of the formal performance evaluations that I had received while working as a consultant. One of the items that resonated strongly for me was the feedback that I needed to think more like a CEO – broadly and long term. I truly believed the case method would help me to hone this skill. 

Support of entrepreneurship – I have always wanted to follow my family’s example and become an entrepreneur. However, as major contributor to the welfare of my family, I have not been able to take this risk. HBS’s support for entrepreneurship, including the Harvard Innovation Lab and the Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, provides the perfect incubator to explore this path. HBS also offers summer funding options for entrepreneurs and loan forgiveness programs for those pursuing their own entrepreneurial ventures after graduation. 

Diversity of experiences – During my visits to HBS and research of the university, I had the opportunity to speak to students and alumni. Their backgrounds were simply impressive – founders of successful companies, leaders in our military, civic leaders in their communities, successful financiers and strategists – and their career and personal goals inspiring. They were more open, welcoming, and diverse than I had expected. The more I got to know those individuals the more that I wanted to be a member of that community.

Though I’m now in my second semester at HBS, I vividly recall the application process. For prospective students, I have a few words of advice. 

Before you even start to think about why your dream school is such a great fit, ask yourself why you want to do an MBA and why now? I found the application process to be physically and emotionally taxing, but the reflection that I did before I started the process provided me the strength and focus that I needed to go through it.