I have some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news: Graduate School might not be “free” after all. I know, this smacks in the face of everything I was told when I was a Cadet and Junior Officer. Unless you are participating in GrADSO or PB-GSIP for the Army, other cool programs our sister services have, or fulfilling a pre-assignment requirement to teach at one of the Service Academies or to be a strategist, my advice is to brace yourself for some loans. This is not unique to Harvard, though. Remember that VA allowable tuition and fees are a subset of the tuition and fees actually charged. Now the good news: After going through the full-time MBA program at HBS (even with the Coronavirus disruption and finishing my last quarter on-line), I don’t think I could put a price on the education and experiences I received. [...]