Janelle Teng is from the Class of 2020 and a proud member of Section C. From completing her undergraduate studies at Stanford University to working as a product manager at SalesforceIQ, Janelle has spent most of her academic and professional career in the Bay Area. While at HBS, Janelle was on the leadership team for the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club and the Women in Investing Club. She will be returning to San Francisco after graduation to join Bessemer Venture Partners as a growth-stage investor. She hopes that sharing her story will encourage everyone (regardless of background or prior experience) to make full use of the resources at HBS, such as the Rock Venture Partners Program and the Rock Accelerator, to explore and develop their interest in venture capital and entrepreneurship, as she would love to see more diverse voices in the industry and change the perception of what an “ideal VC” is. [...]