23 Jan 2017

Round 2 Interview Invitations

Good morning! We have had a busy few weeks, and we’re gearing up to send out our first wave of Round 2 interview invitations on Wednesday (Jan. 25) at noon Eastern. Remember, this is only a portion of the interview invites; the second (and final) wave will be distributed on Feb. 1.

The online interview scheduler will go live the day AFTER interview invitations go out, so you have time to think about dates/times/locations that work for you. 

And, a reminder, we love to welcome you on campus for interviews, but your odds of acceptance are the same if you interview in a Global Hub city, via Skype, or on campus. All interviews everywhere are conducted by members of the Admissions Board.

I know waiting is tough, but please don’t send in any additional information at this point. We consider your application complete once you hit submit.