01 Oct 2021

Round 1 Next Steps

Over the past few weeks, we have had the pleasure of reading your Round 1 applications. I distinctly remember how much effort—and heart—goes into putting together an application. On behalf of the whole team, thank you for what you have shared with us.

On Tuesday, October 5 at 12:00 noon Eastern Time, each of you will receive individual news on next steps in our process. There are three possibilities:

  • Invite to interview – this is good news!
  • Further consideration – also positive! This is a small group of strong applicants that we ask to wait with us until Round 2, at which point we will review your application again. More info on this process will be shared with you directly if you receive “further consideration” news.
  • Early release – unfortunately we are not able to move you forward in the process. This part of our work never gets any easier, but our hope is that by letting you know this news early on in the process you can move forward with other plans.

If you are invited to interview, you will receive access to our Interview Information website on October 5 to learn more about the process – you will then be able to sign up for an interview on October 6.