29 Sep 2020

Round 1 interview invitations

Maybe you are finding, like I am, that time is harder to track in a pandemic. Some days stretch on for what feels like weeks, and some weeks seem to pass as quickly as a day. I remember as an applicant that the time after submitting my application moved very slooooowly—it is hard to wait.

The good news is that the next steps in our application process will unfold next Tuesday, October 6 at noon eastern time. In your application status page, you will hear one of three things:

  • Invite to interview – this is good news!
  • Further consideration – Also positive! This is a small group of strong applicants that we ask to wait with us until Round 2, at which point we will review your application again. More info on this process will be shared with you directly if you receive “further consideration” news.
  • Early release – unfortunately we are not able to move you forward in the process. Our hope is by letting you know this news early on in the process you can move forward with other plans.

As a reminder, we will conduct all interviews virtually this year. You can expect the same fun, engaging conversation with a member of the Admissions Board.

To everyone who has applied—we have been inspired by your stories as we read your applications. Thank you for your interest in HBS. And good luck with just one last week of waiting.