10 Jun 2021

Meet Us Online This Summer

We always look forward to this time of year because it’s an opportunity for us to spend time connecting with prospective HBS students around the world! Our virtual events are a chance for you to meet members of our community and get all your questions about the MBA program and application process answered. We believe the most impactful part is hearing directly from our current students and members of our global alumni community about the transformational HBS MBA experience. We hear often from our matriculating students that it was a student or alumni panel or conversation that convinced them that HBS was a community that they wanted to join.

This summer we’re excited about the events that we’re offering – and keep an eye out because the list will continue to grow! Several highlights include the Women in Industry Series, the International Student Series, and one of my favorite events to host which brings section-mates together five years after graduation to reflect on their experience as students and now as alumni. We also encourage prospective students to attend one of our weekly Information Sessions as a great starting point, and then to be able to pick and choose among the myriad events which are most interesting to you.

These events are truly meant for you to learn about Harvard and figure out if the MBA experience we offer is a good fit for you and your future goals. Your registration or attendance at one of these events does NOT play a role in our evaluation process. We offer these events purely to assist with your learning process. Why is this important for us? We realize there are financial considerations for traveling to in person events, and that there can be internet accessibility and time zone challenges for virtual events. Given these and other possible challenges facing prospective students, registration or attendance at our events does not play a role in our evaluation process. We admit many students every year who don’t make their first visit to campus until after they’ve already been accepted.

We hope you’ll check out our events website or complete an Introduce Yourself form and we’ll keep you posted on what’s coming up that meets your interests. We look forward to connecting with you online soon!