08 Aug 2022

Interview Plan for the 2022-2023 Application Year

With about a month left before the Round 1 submission deadline, I am delighted to let you know we will offer both in-person and Zoom interviews this year.

Zoom interviews have worked well the past two years, which is why we plan to continue to offer this as an ongoing option for anyone invited to interview. We know it can be inconvenient or expensive to travel for an interview—a challenge which Zoom helps solve—and so we are happy to offer multiple options. Whether you do your interview in person or on Zoom, the process is exactly the same. In either format, the same Admissions Board members conduct the interviews, so there is no advantage in the evaluation process to interviewing in person or via Zoom. Really!

As a reminder, we invite a subset of those who apply to advance to the interview stage of our process. We will offer in-person interviews on the HBS campus and a limited number of interviews in a few hub cities around the world. While the list of cities may change, we are tentatively planning to interview in Tokyo, Bay Area CA, London, Paris, Dubai, Lagos, and Johannesburg. For all interviewees, we’ll offer the opportunity to hear from members of the HBS community as well as connect 1-1 with an HBS alum.

Finally, a request: with lingering impacts of the pandemic, we are thoughtfully preparing now for multiple potential scenarios. We ask in advance for your flexibility if we need to change the day, time, or format of your interview as the application season unfolds.

For those of you preparing Round 1 applications, we wish you all our best over the next ~month. We are looking forward to getting to know you!