25 Jan 2019

Interview invitations! Drumroll…

We are doing our final reads of your applications, and the first thing to say is, “thank you.” I remember how much heart you pour into an application, and we definitely have felt that as we have gotten to know you. As promised, here are the logistics details for interview invitations.

Jan 28 at noon Eastern time: the “first wave” of interview invitations is available via your Application Status page. This is approximately 2/3 of the total interviews.

Jan 29 (again at noon Eastern time): those invited to interview in the first wave will be able to sign up for an interview slot that works for you. In Round 2 we are interviewing in Mumbai, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Paris, Bay Area California, and Boston (on campus). The interviews and process are the same no matter where you interview.

Jan 31 (yes, noon Eastern): the “second wave” of interviews goes out via your Application Status page, and you will be able to sign up for interviews right away. We stagger the invitations in two waves to make the interview sign-up process smoother. (And, yes, we open up interview slots that were not available on Jan 29 so that there will be plenty of options on Jan 31).

If you are not invited to interview, you will receive an “early release” decision on Jan 31. That part of the job doesn’t get easier…we’ve come to know you and have a glimpse of what you can accomplish. We certainly wish you all well.