22 Nov 2021


In the U.S. there’s a holiday this week called Thanksgiving. I try to be intentional, especially at this time of year, about giving thanks. That might seem quaint given the, well, almost two-year pandemic. But sometimes gratitude can be paradoxical like that: it’s easier to recognize the good when you’re also working through the hard.

I continue to be moved by your lives and the difference you are making in the world. A great part of our job is to meet you now and project forward the impact you might have in various industries, organizations, and communities. Given who you are, that’s an exercise that fills me with hope—and gratitude—about the future. Thank you for applying to HBS and for sharing your stories with us.

In my reflection today, I also recognize and thank my colleagues and friends on the MBA Admissions and Financial Aid team. I remember when I was in your shoes that it was hard to imagine who was on the other side of the application process. Let me pull back that curtain for you: they are real, wonderful people who have experienced some of the same losses, anxieties, and challenges—and yes, some joys too!—of the past two years. Through it all, they have gone to truly extraordinary lengths to support you in your journey to HBS despite the many disruptions of the pandemic. I feel lucky to work with such a dedicated team and hope you have been surrounded by similarly supportive colleagues.

Happy Thanksgiving.