20 Nov 2018

The Global Experience at HBS

I’m checking back in as we wrap up the interview process for Round 1 applicants. I’ll say it again: this is my favorite part of the process—after months of getting to know you on paper, we love meeting you in person. 

This round, in addition to interviewing on campus, I traveled to Tokyo and met great candidates in both places. The HBS Japanese Research Center (JRC) in Tokyo hosted me for the interviews and also organized a get together with local alumni and the interviewees. Anytime I travel, I am reminded that the HBS community is truly global. 

The JRC is part of a network of 14 HBS global research offices. The teams in these offices partner with local management teams and HBS faculty to write new cases. About 50% of all the HBS cases written each year are about international leaders and companies. The research offices also act like small embassies for HBS—for example, sourcing great projects for Field Global Immersion, working with students on global internships and job searches, and building community with local alumni.

Matched with a global student body and a global alumni community, the research centers are key to our mission to educate leaders who know how to make a difference in the world.

10 Oct 2018

New 2+2 Cohort

We’ve posted some stats about our most recent 2+2 cohort of 109 students. They were admitted earlier this summer and are settling into their first full-time jobs after their studies. It is an impressive group. 

2+2 is a unique deferred admit program for college seniors that is now in its 10th year—if you’re admitted to this program in your final year of study you have a guaranteed spot at HBS after completing 2, 3, or 4 years of work experience.

You can see that only 8% of applicants were admitted to this program—it is small and competitive, but we like to think of it as a no-lose scenario. If you’re admitted, great! If not, you’ve been through a reflective application process and hopefully learned about yourself and about HBS. You’ll have the GMAT/GRE out of the way too, since they are both good for five years. You can always reapply to HBS in the future, and there’s absolutely no negative—HBS is very re-applicant friendly.

Want to learn more about 2+2? Check out the 2+2 webinars.

28 Sep 2018

Round 1 Interview Invitations - Next Week

As promised, here are a few more details about the interview invitations. The first wave of invitations goes out on Monday (October 1) at noon Eastern time via the Application Status Page. We will send out about 75% of the total Round 1 invitations on Monday. If you’re invited to interview, you will be able to see the interview times and locations we have available, but sign-ups won’t open up until Tuesday (October 2) at noon Eastern. If you’re not invited to interview in the first wave, you won’t hear anything from us or see any updates on your Application Status Page on Monday.

On Thursday (October 4), again at noon Eastern time, we will send out the rest of the interview invitations, and you will be able to sign up for the interview slots right away. (Don’t worry, we hold back plenty of interview spots for the second wave.) The process and the evaluation is the same for all on and off-campus interviews, so please sign up for an interview where it is most convenient for you.

If you aren’t invited to interview, you will hear one of two things from us on Thursday: 1) “Early Release,” which means we are not able to move you forward in the process or 2) “Further Consideration,” which means we’d like to hold on making a final decision and consider your application alongside our Round 2 applications in January. I know it’s hard to wait and you can opt out of that if you choose. There are relatively few “Further Consideration” decisions, so please take it as a very positive sign if you receive this news.

I know that’s a lot of info! Hopefully it helps demystify how things will go next week. Oh, and one last thing: If you are invited to interview, please don’t worry which “wave” your invitation comes in! That’s not an indication of how strong you are as a candidate, but helps us run a smooth sign-up process for interviews conducted around the globe.
26 Sep 2018

On the fence about Round 2?

As you know, we have consolidated our application process to two rounds to make things simpler for applicants and admitted students. That means that the last time to apply for the MBA Class of 2021 (starting in the Fall of 2019) is coming up on January 4, 2019. This is our “Round 2 application deadline.” 

So has anything changing for Round 2? In a word, “no”—same application requirements and steps for you, and the same careful evaluation of each candidate on our end. If anything, we’ll have more room available for Round 2 given that we won’t be holding any spots for Round 3.

It’s definitely not too late to put together a strong application in Round 2! If I did my math correctly, you still have 100 days until January 4. We have no preference on which Round you choose—we want you to apply when you feel most ready and can put your best foot forward. I hope you will choose to apply in Round 2!