16 Jan 2018

Round 2 Interviews

Congrats to those of you who submitted your application in Round 2! Hopefully you were able to spend quality time with friends and family after submitting. We have been busy reading and getting to know you ever since.

We will send two waves of interview invitations: January 25 and January 30. I know it’s tough to wait that additional few days, but we do need the time to finalize interview invitations. Here is what to expect on January 25 and 30:

• Jan 25: you may receive a message inviting you to interview, or you will hear nothing.
• Jan 30: you will either receive an invitation to interview or a "release" notification, letting you know we can’t move you forward in our process.
• These notifications will be shared with you at 12:00 noon eastern time on your Application Status page.

We hold interviews throughout the month of February in locations around the world. In addition to on-campus interviews in Boston, we will interview in the Bay Area CA, Dubai, London, Mumbai, New York City, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo. If none of those locations works for you, we may be able to conduct your interview via Skype. Wherever you interview, you’ll meet a member of the Admissions Board and have the same odds of being accepted.

We can’t wait to meet you.

18 Dec 2017

Class of 2020 Round 2 Deadline Day

Congrats again to those admitted to the Class of 2020 in Round 1! Our next application deadline is just a few weeks away on January 3 at 12:00 noon eastern time. Round 2 is a great time to apply! (And if you want to be part of our inaugural MS/MBA joint degree cohort, this is the last time to apply.)

Historically the vast majority of applications come in the ~24 hours before a deadline. We get it—and we won’t start reading any applications until after the deadline has passed. Just be sure to coordinate with your recommenders ahead of time so that all your application materials are submitted on time.

We do have an admissions Q&A webinar coming up on December 20 at 4pm eastern time. Keep in mind that HBS is closed from December 22 through January 1. During that time, there will be limited technical support available at slatesupport@hbs.edu. We’re back in the office at 8:30am on January 2 for any last minute questions you may have: 617-495-6128 or admissions@hbs.edu.

Good luck to those of you working on Round 2 applications. We look forward to getting to know you.

28 Nov 2017

Countdown to December 12

Just two weeks from today, we will release Round 1 admissions decisions via the Application Status page. Just log-in at noon eastern time on December 12. In the meantime, try not to think about it! (I know, easier said than done).

I promise we are not making you wait, just to wait. We are diligently going over each entire application (yes, including your post-interview reflections) as we work to shape an outstanding Class of diverse perspectives.

One last thing: keep in mind that if you are admitted, you won’t hear about financial aid yet. Admission to HBS is based on merit, but financial aid is based on need. So there is a separate (easy) process after you are admitted to apply for aid. Many are surprised to know that ~50% of HBS students receive financial fellowships that do not have to be paid back—and the average two-year fellowship is over $70K. So there is a lot of support! More details are here on our new Financial Aid website.

15 Nov 2017


Next week is Thanksgiving in the U.S. To those who have been part of Round 1, thank you not just for your interest in HBS - thank you for how generous you’ve been throughout the admissions process.

During on campus interview days, we have the opportunity to gather interviewees together for a lunch Q&A session. Those sessions have an interesting mix of emotions since half the room has completed the interview (they’re relieved) and half has not (they’re still anxious). What’s been heartening is to hear how encouraging and helpful the relieved crowd has been to their fellow interviewees. I also saw this play out in Brazil a few weeks ago among interviewees—and have heard from my colleagues around the world: you’re enjoying the interaction with one another and you’re hoping and helping all show their best selves in the interview.

Generosity is something we like to see. Our learning model depends on students who can give and receive, teach and learn, lead and be led. Given that most students live on campus, generosity is also a foundation for the HBS community—and for a lifetime of leadership.

So, thank you for how generous you’ve been in sharing your experiences, your dreams, and yourselves with us. And thanks for being generous with one another.

I’ll post again in about two weeks regarding specifics for Notification Day on December 12. And for those of you working on Round 2 applications, we can’t wait to meet you, too. Please reach out at +1 617-495-6128 or admissions@hbs.edu if we can be of any help.