Harvard offers a joint degree program that confers an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master of Science from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Medical School in the Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, a Faculty of Arts and Sciences/Harvard Medical School joint department. The program is completed over two academic years, utilizing January terms and time in August at the start of the program.

Harvard Business School gratefully acknowledges the Chris Shumway (MBA 1993) Endowment for Leadership in Life Sciences, which supports the MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences joint degree program.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Lead science-based organizations, including businesses and non-profits, with an understanding of research culture, relevant timeframes, opportunity-costs, rewards, and organizational behavior.
  2. Assess the potential therapeutic value of discoveries emanating from lab-discovery in the life sciences and understand ways to accelerate these discoveries into therapeutics.
  3. Determine the most promising strategy for science-based organizations, including novel ways for expanding access to transformative therapies.
  4. Understand the financial underpinnings of investment decisions in the life sciences, including real-option approaches to investments, as well as the role of scientific, commercial, policy, and regulatory uncertainties in affecting these opportunities.
  5. Develop approaches to ethical dilemmas bedeviling novel therapeutics, including investment in neglected diseases, the provision of life-saving drugs to disadvantaged patients and those in the developing world, and the pricing of medicines.
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