In an HBS classroom, faculty lead 90 individuals from all over the world in case discussions and FIELD team projects that challenge, provoke, and inspire. Under skillful faculty direction, classrooms become crucibles for leadership: students test their judgment, explore complex ideas, reflect on their leadership styles, and embrace new models and methods for effective business management.

Our high expectations demand exceptional commitment. For every hour of class time, an HBS faculty member dedicates many hours of preparation that includes individual case review, writing notes and lessons plans, and collaborative analysis among colleagues. While instructing classes, teaching takes priority over every other obligation including research, writing, and administrative duties. Faculty dedication is motivated by its reward: an exciting, energized classroom that's thoughtfully choreographed, yet open to unexpected insights and understanding.

HBS faculty are pioneers in the study of emerging companies and industries; leaders who have run important companies and agencies; and entrepreneurs whose innovations have sparked change and opportunity for others. But above all, they are teachers who transform students into professionals capable of assuming responsibility in business and in the world.