Boston is not spoiled for choice when it comes to Peruvian restaurants. However, a new addition to the Boston food scene definitely stands out, and that is a place called Ruka

Ruka is a restobar and its cuisine is a Peruvian and Japanese mix. What strikes you from the moment you walk in is the attention to detail in the design. 

The walls are decorated with Japanese inspired murals and there seems to be so much of Japan in the décor that I was seriously beginning to suspect the menu might also be more Japanese than Peruvian.

Word on the street is MBAs have a hard time making choices and Ruka’s menu made it very hard to decide what to sample (just look at the number of menus I got).

Lima Photo 4.jpg 
I opted for what I was told are the most Peruvian dishes Ruka makes: Papas Chongo and Seard Black Bass. Rather unsurprisingly, the attention to detail of the décor translates beautifully in the way the food was presented, tasted and smelled. I am still gobsmacked at how good it all was. If the food in Lima is 10% as good as the food at Ruka, I think I will be in a food coma the whole 10 days in Lima.

Lima Photo 6.jpg
Lima Photo 5.jpg

There’s still a bit of time left until we leave, so if you can, do stop at Ruka. Or if not, when we get back, if you have Lima withdrawal symptoms, Ruka is the place to go to.